Jim Rode Photographer: My Story

My art was never an interest, it has always been a compulsion. As a teenager, I was sketching figure studies, paintings I loved, and even drawing the Beatles - pencil on paper.

Growing up in the Ozarks, we could occasionally afford a cheap plastic camera at Christmas, which never survived very long. Being able to buy film was another story.

Eventually, while in college, I got a job working for the former President of the United States. I really fell in love with the thousands photographs collected during his administration. And living among a huge collection of photos and art was a joy. This was my first exposure to Thomas Hart Benton. Making a living in art however was something I never thought I could do. 

After the president passed, I continued school and I became a wedding photographer rather than stay on. This satisfied as my artistic outlet. And now, after a successful 30 year career as a wedding photographer, I have turned to creating my art.