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Jim Rode is a artist and photographer creating images and paintings at Friday Night Art. Both photographs and art are printed on watercolor papers, canvas, and sheets of aluminum.

Enjoy your visit through Jim's blog journal. If you wish to acquire art for your collection, home or office, contact Jim through email on his contact page.

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Monday, December 11, 2017
By Jim Rode Photographer
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As paddle boats go out, the tide comes in at Laguna Beach.

This image is a mid-day photograph from the bluff above Laguna Beach.

Image by Jim Rode Friday Night Art.

Tide at Laguna Beach

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
By Jim Rode Photographer
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I call this "Night Ghosts - Nashville". I know this city has its Ghosts, I may have captured one streaking through.

Visiting Nashville, I used my iPhone to get a shot of this Catholic Church at dusk. Some sort of artifacts of light were picked up in the shot on the right side of the image. It seemed a ghost passing by in the night. 

I worked the shot to bring out the tangles of wires across the dying sky. I left the artifact alone. I brought the church out of the darkness and colored the streets.

This image is available printed on watercolor paper, signed $125, framed $199. Prices subject to change.

Night Ghosts - Nashville: Photographic Art from Jim Rode

Wednesday, December 06, 2017
By Artist Jim Rode of Friday Night Art
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There is urban America and Rural America. I think there should be a roadside America.

This Route 66 sign on a pole near Weatherford Oklahoma is one of my favorite art pieces. I wanted bold colors because so much of history is seen simply in black and white.

This is a 20x30 inks on metal. Works well on canvas too. For fun, I created an 8x12 ink on watercolor paper. That was awesome!

Signed of course.

Jim Rode

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Route 66 Sign on Pole: 8 ink process on metal by Jim Rode of Friday Night Art

Thursday, November 30, 2017
By Artist Jim Rode
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As if stuck in the 1950's, this "Indian" Trading Post sign announces the Native American souvenirs, trinkets and indeed art and artifacts on Route 66 (I-40) near El Reno, Oklahoma.

The original image is a photograph before I took the media into an expressionism ink process. I intended it to be an ink on watercolor paper but instead chose to put the art on canvas. It came out cool and hangs in the Man Cave.

Jim Rode 

Contact me at for options on acquiring this art piece.

Indian Trading Post, Sign Route 66, Ink on Watercolor Paper by Jim Rode

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
By Jim Rode Photographer
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I made an iPhone shot of Meeting the Fans at St. Joseph the Old Cathedral, after a church service. Later, I recreated it in a media printed on paper.

The priest is talking with the church faithful. This is the church where the rectory was damaged and the church windows were blown in by a terrorist attack on the Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City (the Oklahoma City Memorial). The restoration is inspiring as you sit quietly during services. Your eye roams everywhere.

Where the rectory stood, the Diocese paid for and installed a statue of Jesus. "And Jesus Wept" A daycare with children was located in the building. The blast killed 168 people including 19 children in the daycare.

To read more about the statue, Click 


Meeting the Fans at St. Joseph the Old Cathedral in OKC