About Artist Jim Rode

What is life without the people we love, the places we go, and the experience of living?

My involvement in photography for three decades has honed my eye for the creative. The visual of the art in the world I saw around me began to pop many years ago through my wedding photography. Today, my most useful tool is the iPhone. Don't laugh! The fragility of the 8 megapixel image became the perfect canvas for my exploitation of what I see. Changing the media to inks and putting it to canvas is a breathtaking joy for me. My images baked to metal is a craft to be proud of. 

Acquiring art has always been an investment in lifestyle, joy and to benefit our partner and children.

I believe that art for the office is an identifier of artistic vision.

In Love and Art, You Live Forever. Jim Rode, Friday Night Art.


Jim Rode is married and lives in Oklahoma City. He is a writer, blogger, photographer using photography, canvas and metal. 

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PS: I am no longer doing weddings except for friends.